Ahlers EDV Systeme GmbH firmiert seit 01.01.2021 als CCS Messgeräte Vertriebs GmbH. Sie können unser Produkte aber weiterhin beziehen.
Ahlers EDV Systeme GmbH has been operating as CCS Messgeräte Vertriebs GmbH since January 1st, 2021. But you can have decided on our products.


High Performance Universal Gang Programmer
The only universal gang programmer that supports UFS devices

  • New design of high performance hardware provides high speed, high quality parallel programming
  • Support all types of latest UFS interface devices. The fastest UFS programming speed in the industry
  • With new integrated design, ALL-300G2 support all types of devices which are already supported on the previous model
  • Support USB 3.0 Gen 1(5 Gbps) interface to significantly increase the programming speed
  • Program up to 16 devices simultaneously1
  • Fast new device support by request from customer

New generation high performance core

 New integrated design

  • Integrate hardware of previous model programmers,
    support all types of devices which are already
    supported on the previous models

  • Supports all types of device including
    MCU / MPU, EEPROM, eMMC, eMCP, SPI Memory,
    NOR / NAND Flash, FPGA, CPLD, etc…

Support latest UFS interface device

  • Support UFS device by only changing PACK
  • Support UFS interface (UFS 2.0, UFS 2.1, UFS 3.0),
    support 2 Lane Gear 3 (Rate A / Rate B)

3 times faster than previous model in case of high-density memory such as eMMC and NAND devices

Support wide range of IC types

True universal hardware and software design supports a variety of IC including MCU / MPU, EEPROM, eMMC, eMCP, SPI memory, NOR / NAND flash, FPGA, CPLD, etc…

Support wide range of IC packages

  • High-quality manufactured socket board greatly extends the lifetime of usage
  • Support up to 8 socket boards, up to 16 sockets
  • 1 socket per socket board (HD-xxx-xxx2/UHD-xxx-xxx) or 2 sockets per socket board (UHD2-xxx-xxx)

User-friendly and easy to use software

  • Graphic operating interface
  • Clearly display of each function in the entire programming procedure
  • Display details and status of each device during programming

Expansion flexibility for production

Connect up to 8 units of ALL-300G2 to achieve 128 devices programming at same time 2


1Only with UHD2-xxx-xxx

2May cause drop of programming speed