High Performance Universal Gang Programmer
The only universal gang programmer that supports UFS devices

  • New design of high performance hardware provides high speed, high quality parallel programming
  • Support all types of latest UFS interface devices. The fastest UFS programming speed in the industry
  • With new integrated design, ALL-300G2 support all types of devices which are already supported on the previous model
  • Support USB 3.0 Gen 1(5 Gbps) interface to significantly increase the programming speed
  • Program up to 16 devices simultaneously1
  • Fast new device support by request from customer

New generation high performance core

 New integrated design

  • Integrate hardware of previous model programmers,
    support all types of devices which are already
    supported on the previous models

  • Supports all types of device including
    MCU / MPU, EEPROM, eMMC, eMCP, SPI Memory,
    NOR / NAND Flash, FPGA, CPLD, etc…

Support latest UFS interface device

  • Support UFS device by only changing PACK
  • Support UFS interface (UFS 2.0, UFS 2.1, UFS 3.0),
    support 2 Lane Gear 3 (Rate A / Rate B)

3 times faster than previous model in case of high-density memory such as eMMC and NAND devices

Support wide range of IC types

True universal hardware and software design supports a variety of IC including MCU / MPU, EEPROM, eMMC, eMCP, SPI memory, NOR / NAND flash, FPGA, CPLD, etc…

Support wide range of IC packages

  • High-quality manufactured socket board greatly extends the lifetime of usage
  • Support up to 8 socket boards, up to 16 sockets
  • 1 socket per socket board (HD-xxx-xxx2/UHD-xxx-xxx) or 2 sockets per socket board (UHD2-xxx-xxx)

User-friendly and easy to use software

  • Graphic operating interface
  • Clearly display of each function in the entire programming procedure
  • Display details and status of each device during programming

Expansion flexibility for production

Connect up to 8 units of ALL-300G2 to achieve 128 devices programming at same time 2


1Only with UHD2-xxx-xxx

2May cause drop of programming speed