Ahlers EDV Systeme GmbH firmiert seit 01.01.2021 als CCS Messgeräte Vertriebs GmbH. Sie können unser Produkte aber weiterhin beziehen.
Ahlers EDV Systeme GmbH has been operating as CCS Messgeräte Vertriebs GmbH since January 1st, 2021. But you can have decided on our products.

TapNLink Primer NFC-BLE-WiFi

TapNLink Primer evaluation kit for implementing TnL-FIW103 modules with Wi-Fi, BLE and NFC for interfaces connecting MCU-based electronic systems to mobile devices and the Cloud.

With TapNLink PRIMER, it takes just minutes for system designers to create their first IoT proofs-of-concept. The PRIMER connects microcontroller-based systems to mobile devices via Wi-FiBluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Near Field Communication* (NFC) interface. Using a mobile device as a gateway, the PRIMER also transfers data from the target MCU application to a provisioned and pre-configured IoT service platform on the Cloud.

The Primer connects to a target MCU using only 2 GPIO and either:

  • Serial protocol (S3P - Sofware Secure Serial Protocol)
  • SWD (debug) protocol for ARM Cortex M-based microcontrollers

The Primer implements by configuration only. There is no coding or hardware to design. Just specify the variables in the target MCU application to read or to write. The PRIMER'S configuration software, IoTize Studio, automatically generates the HMI for your mobiles (Android or iOS) and prepares the Cloud environment to log data for the selected variables.

In just minutes, you can connect a mobile to your microtroller application, read and write data from a cutom mobile HMI app and view logged data on the Cloud.

*      TapNLink PRIMER implements the STMicroelectronics' ST25DV dynamic NFC tag. 
More information about ST25DV...
**    S3P enables connection to any microcontroller, regardless of its architecture.

Physical Characteristics

  • PCB dimensions: 38 mm x 28 mm x 3 mm

Security Features

Mobile Platform Support

  • HTML5 web apps
  • Automatic app generation (Android, iOS)
  • Android and iOS native (Java)

Primer Contents

  • 1x    TapNLink wireless module (Wi-Fi, BLE, NFC interfaces)
  • 1x    ABS plastic cover
  • 1x    Six-probe connection cable
  • 1x    STM32 sample application board and software

FREE Supporting Software

  • IoTize Studio configuration software for Windows PCs
  • Tap Manager app for mobile devices (Android, iOS)
  • Cloud Primer platform (provisioned, pre-configured)
  • ArdTap library for Arduino integration (ArdTap library on GitHub)
  • OpenSource MQTT relay

The TapNLink Primer also includes sample microcontroller application firmware for all STM32 microcontrollers and an accompanying Sensor Demo app for Android and iOS mobiles to help you get started.