Ahlers EDV Systeme GmbH firmiert seit 01.01.2021 als CCS Messgeräte Vertriebs GmbH. Sie können unser Produkte aber weiterhin beziehen.
Ahlers EDV Systeme GmbH has been operating as CCS Messgeräte Vertriebs GmbH since January 1st, 2021. But you can have decided on our products.

Near Field Communication

TapNLink NFC modules for instant contactless communication to link appliances and mobiles

TapNLink products use a Near Field Communication (NFC) Type-5 passive device (a.k.a. a tag) for contactless communication with mobiles at a range of upto 4 cm. NFC improves the discretion, ease-of-use, security and power consumption of wireless implementations

With TapNLink NFC modules, this contactless technology can be used as the principe channel of communications. TapNLink NFC modules enable 3-stroke configuration - a secure, intuitive method for efficiently retrieving and updating appliance configurations. Our NFC modules also offer energy harvesting, allowing them to be powered entirely by mobile devices during communication.

TapNLink NFC modules support rapid integration with:

  • Qualified, turn-key wireless design
  • Automatic generation of HMI apps for mobiles (iOS, Android)
  • Customization by configuration only

NFC is also implemented with our Bluetooth (BLE) and Wi-Fi products, to enable one-touch wake up and secure pairing.