MASTERLUX microcontroller family

A complete hardware/software tool offer for exploring MCU features, creating, compiling and fine-tuning application software

Our complete hardware and software solutions for the STMicroelectronics' MASTERLUX family of 8-bit microcontrollers for lighting applications, combine ease-of-use and cost effectiveness with Raisonance advanced compiler technology and support of all STLUX microcontroller variants.

Software tools include our STM8 C compiler supporting the STLUX devices and the Raisonance integrated development environment (Ride7), which provides start-to-finish control of application development including code editing, compilation, optimization and debugging.

Hardware tools include the RLink, which allows in-circuit programming and debugging of the full range of STLUX devices via the devices SWIM interface.

Download MASTERLUX Software Tools

Go to the Raisonance Support Extranet for software downloads. You will need to download the STLUX Support Patch, RKit-STM8 and Ride7.

The software tools function in unlimited mode for 30 days before a license activation is required.