GCC C Compiler for ARM

Unlimited, fully optimizing C/C++ compiler tailored to STMicroelectronics' ARM core-based microcontrollers

Raisonance products for developing applications for ARM core-based microcontrollers include a complete GCC toolset including C compiler, Assembler and Linker. The GCC toolset for ARM provides unlimited, optimized compilation of your C/C++ source files.

The GCC compiler is seamlessly integrated into the Ride7 integrated development environment to facilitate starting projects and multiple builds/rebuilds of your application as you debug and fine-tune it.

In addition, Raisonance has optimized the compiler and libraries for improved performance that is tailored to the needs of deeply embedded applications. As a result, the compiler offers very competitive results in benchmarking with other commonly used C/C++ compilers for ARM core-based devices. More about benchmarks...

The compiler toolset is available for download as part of our RKit-ARM software installation. It is also delivered with a range of hardware products including the RLink debugger/programmer, REva starter kit and Primers for ARM core-based devices.