IoTize™ Plug'n Play Connectivity Solutions

IoTize™ are plug and play, RF modules with co-processors that communicate directly with your application processor to enable smartphone connectivity. No modification of native firmware or hardware is required!


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Turn-Key Solution...

  • Direct connection to MCU debug port
  • Simple API & HTML for smartphone apps
  • Configurable user management
  • No RF expertise required
  • No special tools or skills required

for IoT Functionality

  • Rich, cost-effective user interfaces
  • Enable user access controls
  • Leverage product usage data
  • Enable remote testing & programming

The IoTize™ Solutions

IoTize™ are hardware modules with one or more RF channels, a co-processor to manage connection with the application processor via its debug port, optional embedded secure element (eSE) and optional Flash memory extension for data logging.

IoTize™ firmware and software include an easy-to-use  configuration interface, HTML templates, a simple API for creating smartphone applications and powerful  robust co-processor firmware that manages security features and real time communication with the target application processor.

IoTize™ allows the smartphone to connect to the application processor, non-intrusively read variables, modify control variables/inputs, run remote diagnostic tests and reprogram system Flash. In another IoT configuration, the target application may also control the IoTize™ module. Via the smartphone, the target system benefits from a network connection for handling services such as control of user access, collection of usage data,  remote diagnostic testing and system updates.

IoTize™ is designed with confidentiality, information security and firmware read-out protection in mind. Its scalable security can be tailored to meet needs ranging from basic on-module controls to complete Cloud-to-Core confidentiality. Features include data stream encryption, management of users, user groups, access rights and access control.


More about IoTize™

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