Primer Starter Kits

Innovative, complete, low-risk tools for exploring microcontroller features & starting application development

Raisonance Primers are complete tool packages that facilitate access to new technology with easy-to-use tools, sample applications tailored to the target devices' key features, collaborative communication tools, and low cost. In short, primers deliver needed to try a new target MCU with minimum risk in terms of time and money.

Primers are designed to provide a complete software and hardware toolset for writing, compiling and debugging applications that use key features of the target microcontroller. All primers include:

  • Target microcontroller
  • Evalution platform (target specific features)
  • Embedded RLink debugger/programmer
  • Ride7 integrated development environment
  • C compiler
  • Sample applications (target specific)

In addition, primers may include:

  • Target specific demonstration software
  • Dedicated websites
  • User forums