XSmart System on Chip Technology

Building advanced SoC-based tool platforms

Raisonance's hardware/software engineering expertise and XSmart prototyping technology simplify design and fielding of the most advanced embedded system modeling and emiulations systems.

Robust, scalable, generic prototyping platform

The XSmart is a robust hardware platform that can be used as an OEM board and easily integrated into any system. This original Raisonance concept simplifies and speeds up your SoC prototyping and validation with its open and scalable design that can be used at any step of your development process, including:

  • IP CPU validation
  • Peripheral design & validation
  • Customer demonstration
  • Software development & debugging

Even though it is a cost-effective and generic prototyping solution, XSmart also provides a rich range of value-added features and services including:

  • USB interface for FPGA loading & communication
  • FPGA bit stream protected with 3DES key
  • Up to 311 I/Os on high speed connectors
  • A wide voltage range
  • Memory access up to 100MHz
  • Auto boot mode for standalone operation
  • Software API to drive the board
  • IP blocks (ESDK) for code loading, emulation, trace, code coverage, protocol analysis
  • Full integration in Ride integrated development environment

Proven firmware and software solutions

XSmart-based solutions leverage a range of existing Raisonance firmware and software including an Application Program Interface (API), FPGA IP blocks and an advanced Windows-based debugging and development environment.


XSmart are delivered with a complete C Application Program Interface (API) with the fundamental functions to read and write to the XSmart through the USB 2.0 interface. The USB driver is completely managed by the XSmart API. The robust, easy-to-implement API facilitates the full integration of XSmart into a wide range of prototyping solutions such as prototyping boards, emulators, JTAG-type debuggers and trace tools and advanced protocol analyzer like our ProxiSPY.

Raisonance IP blocks

To reduce your development time, Raisonance provides a range of FPGA IP blocks, some of which are developed specifically for the XSmart platform. They allow you to avoid development time on debugging features and to focus only on your design.

These IP blocks, integral parts of ESDK, are dedicated for CPU instrumentation:

  • XTrace: Records and stores everything that you want/need (CPU accesses, peripheral events, internal signals, ...)
  • XEmu: Allows application debugging and easy creation of your own emulator (stepping, breakpoints, data watches, ...)
  • XEvent: Generates specific events for triggering functionality (trace recording, breakpoints, synchronization of external tools)
  • XCodCov: Performs coverage analysis (code, data) for application profiling

Additional IP blocks are available for profiling (JTAG, I2C, ISO7816, ISO14443, ...).

Raisonance Integrated Development Environment

XSmart is fully integrated in the Raisonance Integrated Development Environement (Ride), which provides a complete interface for loading application code and managing a high-level emulator with ESDK (Emulator System Development kit) to read the trace and debug the application.

XSmart Partner Solutions

  • STARBOX - Device emulation and application development solutions for StarChip Cortus-APS3 based devices
  • MicroPass - Device emulation and application development solutions