Up to 32 Site ISP Signal Switching

  • Allows one or two In-System Programmers to support multiple targets
  • Easy integration with all ATE systems
  • Saves time on manufacturing system set-up
  • Minimizes wiring efforts
  • Single- and dual-mode operations
  • Extremely compact

MicroPlexer is a signal multiplexer for device in-system programming/testing. It allows the ISP connection coming from a programmer/tester to be switched to one of the available output channels. In this way, a single programmer/tester can easily handle multiple device programming, whether on a single board or distributed across multiple boards in a panel assembly. MicroPlexer features state-of-the-art electronics to provide you with high integration flexibility in a compact footprint--ideal for integration inside a fixture. It has a convenient single, wide-range power supply input and three working modes with up to 32 output ISP channels.

Depending on the working mode, each of the ISP channels is composed of:

  • Either six or three digital, bidirectional lines;
  • Either two or one analog/digital lines;
  • Either two or one power lines;
  • One ground line (common for all channels).

MicroPlexer is controlled via either ASCII-based commands (through its RS-232 channel) or via control lines. ASCII commands allow for selecting the output channel or to disconnect all of the output channels.